Peak Fitness is the fastest way to fit.

In less than a year, we've helped nearly 250 people dramatically transform their body and health with just 2-3 twenty minute workouts per week! Our unique EMS technology allows members to score the same results in only 20 minutes that would otherwise take 90+ minutes in a traditional gym setting.

We guarantee the most efficient workout experience with measurable transformations occurring quickly, so you can be look and feel amazing much sooner than expected!

Peak Fitness EMS Workouts

Got 6 weeks? We'll get you fit for FREE.

It all sounds almost too good to be true, doesn't it?  Over 200 of our members have taken advantage of our Peak Total Body Transformation.  We'll dramatically transform your body in 6 weeks and it won't cost you anything.  Schedule a meeting with one of our coaches to learn. more.

Peak offers a faster way to get fit.

Achieving your 2024 fitness goals couldn't be any easier.

At Peak Fitness, we've paired our cutting edge EMS-powered fitness technology with high intensity interval training style workouts to deliver the maximum benefit in the least amount of time!   To ensure you receive the personalized attention you deserve, we limit our workouts to 6 attendees and every workout is led by one of our certified (and friendly!) Coaches.  

You'll begin each workout with your Coach by setting the appropriate intensity level of your Peak Power Suit.   The muscle stimulation provided by your Peak Power Suit serves as a low-impact alternate to heavy weights.   This personalized intensity setting ensures that the intensity will be appropriate for your fitness level -- whether it's your first workout or your 10,000th!  

 Your 20 minute workouts always includes 6-8 stations that deliver a full body workout.  Your coach will explain each exercise.  Limited shoulder mobility, bad knees, pre-existing back injuries, etc  are no problem -- your coach will always provide a suitable alternative.

EMS is an FDA-cleared technology that is revolutionary in the fitness and health industry. Utilizing electrical muscle stimulation, EMS causes 150 times more muscle contracts then what a traditional gym workout provides. And this massive activity doesn’t even feel painful!

The effectiveness of EMS technology is clear to see; it answers to people's modern needs, giving them the ability to achieve significant fitness results in a fraction of time allocated for traditional gym training. What was once a 90+ minute process can now be accomplished in only 20 minutes safely, efficiently, and most importantly, effectively.

EMS technology allows you to score the same results in only 20 minutes that would otherwise take 90+ minutes in a traditional gym setting.

You can finally get the body you've always wanted in just 2-3 twenty minute workouts per week! At Peak Fitness, you'll burn calories and reduce cellulite while toning up and building lean muscle using our FDA-cleared technology.

Our members can achieve amazing results working out just 2 or 3 times a week for 20 minutes! 

Participants in our free 6 Week Total Body Transformation have lost an average of 12 pounds of body fat while gaining an average of 2 pounds of muscle.

Peak Power Suit

Safe & Effective

Our FDA-approved Peak Power Suits deliver a 90 minute workout in just 20 minutes.  

Peak Power Suits using EMS technology cause 150x the number of muscle contractions you'd experience at the gym, making it way more effective.

Highly Personalized

This isn't your typical big box high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout with 15-30 people in a class!  Workouts are in small group personal training format (6 people or less) to ensure you get personal attention.

Peak Fitness Wilton Manors

We offer small group & one-on-one sessions.


Starting at $99 /month 

The Best Value!

Includes 1, 2, or 3 EMS sessions per week of small group training.  

You can upgrade your session credit to a personal training session for just $35.

Cancel or pause any time

Session Packages

from $25/session

Session credits never expire.

Packages of 10-30 sessions valid for small group training.

You can upgrade your session credit to a personal training session for just $35.

Session packages can be shared with someone else living in your household.

Personal Training

from $65/session

For those who prefer 1-on-1

Personalized, one-on-one EMS workouts led by one of our certified coaches.

Customized to address your unique needs, goals, and medical considerations.

Can be combined with a membership for those interested in both personal training and small group sessions.


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